Hyvätuuli Highland


Happily grown highland cattle

Hyvätuuli Highland is a joint concept of three cattle farms in Jäppilä, focusing on organic and ethical meat production. The farms in Nurkkala, Honkala and Pohjalainen raise highland cattle, the quality of which is ensured by the natural Finnish environment.

Livestock on farms spend their entire lives grazing freely. This gives them the opportunity to behave in a species-appropriate way, as much as is feasible for farm animals. Calves are born in spring and are allowed to suckle their mothers until they are 8-10 months old.

The uniquely delicious, intense flavour of Hyvätuuli meat is the result of three years of stress-free growth. We are in no hurry to get anywhere, because good things are worth waiting for. We grow dark, lean meat on our farms, and the flavour carries you away.
- cattle farmer Esko Rissanen, Nurkkala farm

The feeding of Hyvätuuli cattle is based on natural pastures and the hay production potential of organic fields. Natural pastures provide not only good food for livestock, but also shelter for the endangered species that live there. Cattle are ruminants, so their natural diet consists of hay. To support species-appropriate behaviour, the Hyvätuuli farms have made the ethical choice to feed only hay to their cattle. Hay-fed cattle grow slowly, but the meat develops the finest flavour.


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D.O. Saimaa -labelled products

Fresh Meat

  • Sirloin, organic
  • Striploin, organic
  • Entrécote, organic
  • Topside, organic
  • Roast Beef, organic
  • Thjick Flank, organic
  • Silverside, organic
  • Shoulder Steak, organic
  • Stew and cooking meat

Frozen Meat

  • Minced meat, organic
  • Hamburger steaks, organic


  • Haikku barbeque
  • Haikku Hot Dog
  • Salamirod

Canned food

  • Haikku 100
  • Haikku Garlic
  • Haikku Pepper