Kaartila Malt pork


Meat from happy pigs

Pork production on the Kaartila farm in Juva started in 1966. Instead of intensive production, Kaartila is working hard to ensure that the pigs live a good and species-specific life.

Kaartila pigs are free range piglets born in the Saimaa region. They are allowed to stay with their mothers for longer and grow up in more spacious pens than in a conventional piggery. From the farrowing house, the pigs move to Kaartila at around 10 weeks of age.

In Kaartila, the pigs are comfortable, with plenty of space and plenty of stimulation, including balls, short logs, newspapers, cuttings and bedding.

Our breeding method is good for pigs, but also for consumers, as the result is tastier and more tender meat. - entrepreneur  Jouni Kaartinen 

But where did the name Kaartila malt pig come from? Well, the fact that the pigs are fed Saimaa Brewing Company's beer mash. In addition to the mash, the rest of the pigs' food is entirely domestic, and broad beans, for example, are grown in the municipality or in neighbouring municipalities.

Kaartila places great emphasis on the welfare and health of its pigs, ensuring that their lives are as relaxed and stress-free as possible from start to finish. The pigs are collected from the farrowing house and finally transported to Kausala for slaughter in the farm's own vehicle. Transport takes place in small groups, although this means that slaughter visits are weekly and even twice a week during the peak season.

Kaartila malt pork is available in shops nationwide and also on the menus of many high-end restaurants. Among the genes of the Kaartila pigs are the breeds Finnish and Norwegian Landrace, Yorkshire, Hampshire and Duroc.


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