100% good from Saimaa

100% good from Saimaa

What is D.O. Saimaa?

The Saimaa Designation of Origin means that the product or ingredient has been produced in the Saimaa region in accordance with high quality criteria.

Genuine Saimaa product

Pure nature is the Saimaa region's trump, and the product or ingredient's D.O. Saimaa label indicates that the product comes from the Saimaa region.

Best quality from Saimaa

D.O. Saimaa is a guarantee of the excellent quality of the product or ingredient and the entire production chain. Only producers who meet strict quality criteria are awarded the Saimaa origin label.  

Responsibly produced

D.O. Saimaa products and ingredients are produced responsibly in terms of the environment, sustainable development and social responsibility.

Amazing gastronomic and cultural heritage of Saimaa

D.O. Saimaa products reflect the distinctive character of the Saimaa region. They are excellent examples of Saimaa's food and cultural heritage and the region's own specialities.

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