D.O. brand is a well-known quality brand in Europe

The abbreviation D.O. stands for "designation of origin". The label indicates that the product has been manufactured in a specific region according to high quality criteria. D.O. quality label requires high quality standards throughout the production chain and a responsible approach to the environment, sustainable development and social responsibility.

The designation of origin also reflects the culture of the region and highlights the distinctiveness of its food and cultural heritage. This will help pass on the heritage to future generations and make the products more attractive to raw material- and product-conscious consumers. D.O. -labelled products have gained popularity, particularly in southern and central Europe. For example, champagne produced in the Champagne region of France and Parma ham from Italy are examples of D.O. -products.

Designation of Origin Saimaa

D.O.Saimaa is Finland's first regional origin and quality label. The good in the label's slogan means not only high quality, but also a positive impact on the environment, culture and vitality of the region. D.O. Saimaa labelled products or ingredients tell consumers, restaurants and retailers that they are making a good, ethical and responsible choice.

Saimaa is one of Finland's most internationally renowned and respected brands. D.O. Saimaa label on the product communicates to both international tourists and local consumers that the product comes from Saimaa, and is of high quality and purity. D.O. Saimaa producers, food processors and retailers support local and high-quality production.

Do you prepare food or ingredients of high quality in the Saimaa region?

The origin mark adds value

Both Finns and international tourists visiting the country are becoming increasingly interested in the origin of food. Similarly, the origin of the gifts and souvenirs sold is of great importance. Reliable information about a product's origin and manufacturing process is an increasingly important factor in the purchasing decision. D.O. The Saimaa label tells consumers where and how the product or raw material is made. D.O. Saimaa production chain is easily traceable.