Kalakontti Saimaa


Puumalan Kalakontti serves a variety of delicacies from fish and crabs caught by fisherman Antti Laine himself in Saimaa. Kalakontti offers traditional and modern delicacies made from lake fish with a Puumala twist. You'll have to look for fresher fish delicacies; last night's catch is already sizzling in the Kalakontti pan early the next morning.

In addition to vendace delicacies such as fried vendace and vendace dishes in wooden bowls, there are also vendace tortillas, salmon sandwiches, smoked salmon salads and canned fish. During the summer season, Kalakontti's delicacies can be enjoyed on site at Puumala market. The fresh fish of the day are processed into a variety of gourmet delicacies - welcome to enjoy fresh fish delicacies every day! Follow our social media channels for announcements of pop-up sale dates as well.


Kalakontti Saimaa Oy
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Kalakontti Saimaa uses D.O. Saimaa products

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Restaurant uses at least three D.O. Saimaa products or raw materials on a regular basis.