Tertti Manor


Manor and garden restaurant Tertti's authentic Finnish flavours

Tertti Manor is a historic and magnificent family manor house, a culinary haven and a cosy hotel in Mikkeli on national road 5. The flavours of the manor restaurant reflect the diverse nature of South Savo and the surrounding areas, and it offers the highest quality flavours of Finnish cuisine from the land, forest and lake. The restaurant's menu is based on pure, seasonal ingredients from the restaurant's own garden and the local area. Self-sufficiency plays an important role, and home-grown cereals, vegetables and fruit, as well as berries and mushrooms from local forests, provide the basis for authentic and innovative taste experiences.

Tertti Manor is surrounded by a four-hectare garden, where clean and fresh vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs from the herb garden are used to produce delicious dishes and products in the manor's kitchen. Tertti's food is also internationally recognised, for example by the prestigious Chaine des Rotisseurs label. The best local cuisine can be enjoyed at Tertti during the summer and Christmas seasons, as well as on request.


Tertin Kartano
Tel. 015 176 012

Tertti Manor uses D.O. Saimaa products

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Restaurant uses at least five D.O. Saimaa products or raw materials on a regular basis.